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I grew up close to the land along with many descendants of Carl Tangeman, the subject of Immigrant in Peril.  The moist soil squished between my toes after spring showers and I smelled the pungent aroma of freshly cut wheat swirling on summer winds.  Living my adult life as close to the soil as possible, I still find the roots of that landed way of life nourishes my soul.  From this backdrop as one of Carl Tangeman's descendants, I wrote Immigrant in Peril with understanding and passion for his tragedies and joy in his triumphs.  What began as a book for a family audience expanded to schools and community groups.  It will appeal to young people and anyone who enjoys a real-life adventure about those who have grappled with the traumatic upheaval of immigration to America.

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 Cheryl was born and lived in Kansas her first 21 years. Her family's life on the land was envisioned by Carl Tangeman when he immigrated from Prussia (Germany) to America in 1847.   


 Cheryl's home was a farm with dark, rich soil in the same county where Carl moved his family from Ohio to Kansas in 1879.  Here he fulfilled his dream of owning land in America. 


 Holidays were spent with her large, extended family.  This Thanksgiving dinner was in the home of Anna Tangeman Dudte, Cheryl's grandmother and granddaughter of Carl Tangeman.  


 Cheryl's Christmas photo in  Seventh Grade.  


 Summertime meant gardening on the farm. Cheryl and her mom picked and canned green beans from the family's garden.