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Immigrant in Peril:  Carl Tangeman's Heroic Journey Across America  1847-1848 is the story of a guy who survived near death, deep loss and separation from his only family on the North American continent.

Tangeman Reunion, 2019, Newton, Kansas

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Danny and I just finished your book and absolutely loved it!! It was a great and sometimes sad, adventure. Great job, we are so glad we bought it!

Danny and BJ

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Now that the second edition of Immigrant in Peril  has been published, the last group of first edition copies are for sale:  4 copies for $20 (free shipping).  Order from:

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How  did you complete research for Immigrant in Peril?

Much of Carl's story was recorded by the Tangeman Family Historians in The Carl Heinrich Tangeman Genealogy  1821-1899.  In addition, I conducted interviews and used

Are you going to write a book about the next stage of Carl's life?

Yes!  This spring I began serious research into details of Carl's life after 1850.  I spent over a week in Ohio pursuing primary documents in libraries and courthouses during March-April, 2019.  

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